Janne MikkolaAudio Addict

About me

I'm a Finnish audio engineer and a musician born in 1985. I have played bass guitar in many bands in various genres since -99. At first influenced a lot by punk, rock, funk and metal genres, but over the years getting a knowledge and inspiration from all kinds of music. As I kept creating music passionately, I naturally started to grow proficiency about artistic and technical production too.

In 2016 I entered Salpaus music technology school in Lahti. Where I spent two and half years with great teachers and an ability to raise my skills by using professional audio studios daily. I graduated in early 2019.

By now I have already gathered experience of large variety of music production and audio works. I'm always open to expand my skills and work in new ways. I have done music production from acoustic concert recordings to metal albums, sound design and foley recordings, ”beats” for rap artists and many projects as curiosity to audio works such as impulse response library. Composing new songs is also very natural to me and I enjoy sharing ideas with the customers and musicians.

Check my work and recent news in my social media channels.

Studios I've used: Lammaskallion Audio, Kujalandia, Inka Studio.